Re-Elect Representative John Mayo - Mississippi District 25


Letter to the President:

Dear Mr. President:

I am an American.

I signed on to support the invasion of Afghanistan to punish Al Qaeda and rid the Taliban for the bombing of the World Trade Center. We have accomplished that.

I did not sign on for long term nation-building. The Afghan people do not want us. I urge you not to wait. Bring our soldiers home now!

John Mayo

Vietnam Veteran

I hope if you agree with the above you write your own letter and send it to your email list or social network, ask your friends to do the same. Eventually he'll get the message. I have put this on my Facebook page, tweet, webpage, and will put on you tube. 

Many of you are VERY vocal about the Health Care Law, the economy, and gas prices.  Based on the level of emails I’ve gotten back from my posts on this topic, it’s time we also get vocal about this issue.






Obviously, this is no longer my re election site.  I am now an instructor at Coahoma Community College AND I AM VERY HAPPY WITH MY NEW LIFE.

From time-to-time I will be "hiding" information in this site for my students to find.  After some 40 years in government and politics, I have reached the conclusion that besides "it's who you know" that matters, it is as important to know where to go look for answers to questions asked.

We might have to memorize a lot of info, but I just feel it is as important to research answers to back up opinions.